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Ron Seybold is an editor and ex-sportswriter with baseball memories from before the designated hitter era, as well as World Series joy from both his NL and AL teams. He coaches authors, edits books, and released his debut novel Viral Times long before Instagram was everywhere. He writes and edits in Austin, where his wife teaches yoga, his grandchildren visit and play, and the family poodle Tess Harding insists on more walks than she gets. 
He directs the Writer’s Workshop in Austin, a resource for manuscript development, author instruction, and creativity groups.
A two-time finalist in the Writers League of Texas contests for memoir and historical fiction, he’s reported on the radio, acted in melodramas and Shakespeare’s comedies and dramas, and launched a tech business publication with his wife. A teaching volunteer at the Austin Bat Cave literacy program in schools, he’s appeared as a panelist for the Writer’s League of Texas Third Thursday program, speaking on workshopping fundamentals.
He volunteers at the Austin Bat Cave literacy program, tutoring in public schools. Ron served a three-year tour of duty in the US Army to pay for a degree through the GI Bill. He’s also cycled 40,000 miles over the last 20 years, starting with fundraising rides for the Hill Country Ride for AIDS. Dozens of miles a week on a bike are good practice for finishing lengthy projects like books.

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Many skills lead to becoming a published author. I track the industry and train writers in expression and storytelling. Publishing has been my lifelong career.

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Authors usually become editors. Revision is writing, the art of seeing your own work more clearly. Outside eyes help in reading behind you. It starts with trust.